17 - 18 February | 2pm to 6pm | Volvo Showroom


Join us at the Volvo Showroom with your loved ones as we host you to festivities to kickstart a roaring year ahead!

Bring the vibrant spirit of the Lunar New Year into your home with auspicious, handwritten couplets crafted by a Master Calligrapher as well as activities for your young ones like CNY Paper-Cutting and Zodiac Tangrams!

Soothe your hunger and be amazed by some Kueh Pie Tee and Dragon Beard Candy live-action!

Immerse yourself in the world of our smallest ever fully-electric SUV, doing big Volvo things. Featuring a series of carefully curated experience, join the guided tour!*

Finally, end off the experience at the Volvo Photo Booth with a digital memory of you and your loved ones.

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*The Volvo EX30 Immersive Showroom Experience — Register for your guide tour here: Link


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